June 12, 2014

Health and Safety Newsletter - Spring 2014

Source: NYSUT Workplace Health and Safety

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Health and Safety Newsletter - Spring 2014What's Inside?

  • Education pays for Long Beach School Employees Association
  • Recognizing and correcting hazards ‘Top 10’ List
  • June is National Safety Month
  • Road work – Help keep our union brothers and sisters safe
  • Legislative Updates
  • Did you know? NYSUT offers a host of health and safety resources for members.
  • Bloodborne hazards in science labs
  • Green grass, safe lawn
    • Download tips for a perfect organic lawn
    • Free online lesson in school integrated pest management
  • Web Resources
    • Paint stripping products: safer, less toxic choices
    • Fostering Healthy Relationships & Promoting Positive Discipline in Schools: A Guide for Educators
    • Severe weather preparedness resources

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