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February 03, 2015

ELT to hold online graduate courses regardless of enrollment

Source: Education & Learning Trust

The Education & Learning Trust has announced it will hold online graduate courses regardless of enrollment numbers beginning with the Spring 2015 semester. In a letter to educators, ELT director Lawrence Waite said:

Dear Educators:

I am pleased to announce that NYSUT’s Education & Learning Trust (ELT) has changed its current practice to cancel online graduate courses due to low enrollment. Effective Spring 2015, all courses advertised this semester will be taught, not be canceled, if one or more students are registered for the course. NYSUT ELT will work with instructors to ensure that the course work provided in the smaller classes will continue to meet the rigor and fidelity of ELT’s online professional development.

This 100 percent online courses guarantee serves to strengthen ELT’s mission to provide quality professional learning for all those who seek our services.

Questions you have in regards to the change should be directed to


Lawrence T. Waite

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