Educator's Voice IX - English Language Learners: A Mosaic of Languages and Cultures

Educator's Voice

Right from the Start - A Protocol for Identifying and Planning Instruction for Emergent Bilinguals in Universal Prekindergarten (w/video)

Posted April 6, 2016 by Zoila Tazi Morell, Alma R. Aponte

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This article addresses a schoolwide approach to identifying language learners at the prekindergarten level. This article proposes the use of the Language and Learning in Prekindergarten protocol, which not only recognizes children who are acquiring English, but also offers their first teachers a means to gain a linguistic profile with valuable information for planning instruction. This protocol safeguards the first decisions that early childhood educators must make including, bilingual supports, initial screenings, placement, the language of instruction, and referrals for evaluation.


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