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A Voice for Writing: A Universal Language for Secondary ELLs

Posted April 4, 2016 by Pamela Mary Schmidt

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A Voice for Writing is a universal approach that uses academic language anchored in content to help ELLs to become successful writers. Through the use of structured acronyms, visual cues, and languagebased supports, students strengthen their ability to use cited evidence to do a deeper analysis of a given text while gaining a better grasp of new vocabulary. This formulaic method also draws upon students’ prior knowledge and experience to help develop understanding while encouraging engagement in the learning process. 


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  • Dr. George Giuliani said:
    4/13/2016 10:56 PM

    This is an absolutely phenomenal article. Your article presents a unique and well thought out process for providing ELLs a universal voice and language to achieve success as writers. You are absolutely on point that ELLs and all students come to the classroom "with varying levels of emotional intelligence, prior knowledge and experiences". It’s absolutely time we tap into "the emotional intelligence and experiences of ELLs as they relate to universal concepts and themes so that students may become more successful at writing critically and analytically". You’ve written an article that will hopefully resonate with so many educators and start the dialog of putting into place your vision of A Voice for Writing. Wonderful article and tremendously insightful.

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