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December 22, 2017

P-12 NY State Learning Standards for English Language Arts

Source: NYSUT Research and Educational Services
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Board of Regents P-12 Committee Approves Next Generation Learning Standards.

NYSED News Release - September 15, 2017

NYS Next Generation English Language Arts Standards Revision

The standards adopted by the Board of Regents today seek to protect developmentally appropriate expectations and practices for all children, PreK through grade 2, even as the curricula/instructional programs that support these principals are locally determined.

Particularly in the early childhood classroom, developmentally appropriate practices create the conditions for learning that stimulate an active, joyful engagement in young children. “Play” is therefore emphasized multiple times throughout the standards. This is an intentional effort to remain within developmentally appropriate parameters that do not pit play against “academic” learning.

Additionally, for each grade level (PreK – grade 12), the revised standards expand and clarify reading expectations (including guidance around early and emergent reading experiences in PreK – grade 3) to ensure educators and parents better understand the reading expectations for each grade level. 

Finally, the introduction to the revised ELA standards now provides additional guidance on ways to support students with disabilities and English language learners.


The New York State Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards (Revised 2017) were developed through numerous phases of public comment as well as virtual and face-to-face meetings with committees consisting of NYS educators, teachers of English Language Learners/Multilingual Learners and Students with Disabilities, parents, curriculum specialists, school administrators, college professors, and experts in cognitive research. These revised standards reflect the collaborative efforts and expertise among all constituents involved. 

The New York State Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards (Revised 2017) consist of revisions, additions, deletions, vertical movement, and clarifications of the current English Language Arts Standards. They are defined as the knowledge, skills, and understanding that individuals can and do habitually demonstrate over time when exposed to high-quality instructional environments and learning experiences.

To compare the changes between the 2011 New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards and the 2017 Next Generation Learning Standards view the ELA Learning Standards Crosswalks.

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