NYSUT President: Cuomo agenda would be devastating for School-Related Professionals

NYSUT President Karen E. Magee discusses Governor Cuomo's billionaire's agenda for public education and its impact on School-Related Professionals. SRPs are a vital force in the fight against the governor's mean-spirited plan for education.

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Calling Out Cuomo for scapegoating

From the start, Gov. Cuomo insisted on a test and punish system for evaluating teachers. Four years later, he continues to ignore research and the very real concerns or parents and teachers, doubling down on underfunding schools and over-testing students.

Magee: Let's turn up the heat for higher education

Don't let Gov. Andrew Cuomo hold higher education funds hostage. Let the governor know SUNY, CUNY and New York's community colleges deserve respect and support.

NYSUT - #InviteCuomo

Watch and share our new TV ad challenging the governor's dangerous, out-of-touch "test-and-punish" agenda.

UFT- #InviteCuomo

An urgent message to members from NYSUT President Karen E. Magee

"Brothers and sisters, Gov. Cuomo has declared war on our profession and our union."

New York State Teacher of the Year Katie Ferguson urges Gov. Cuomo to 'fairly fund our schools'

"Governor, we don't need more testing," says 2012 NYS Teacher of the Year Katie Ferguson. "Our schools need to be fully funded to help my students and all students. We owe all of our students a fair shake, and that starts with you. Support our kids, stand up for public education, and fully fund our schools." Ferguson is a proud member of the Schenectady Federation of Teachers.

NYSUT ad campaign urges Cuomo to move beyond politics, fund public schools

"Governor Cuomo's forthcoming State of the State address is expected to focus on what can be done to improve public education," the narrator reads as quotes from the New York Times editorial appear on the screen. "If he is serious about the issue, he'll have to move beyond peripheral concerns and political score-settling... and go to the heart of the matter... that the state had not met its constitutional responsibility to ensure adequate school funding..."