Introduction: Restarting Your Career

Introduction: Restarting Your Career

New York State United Teachers fights mightily to secure the resources needed to keep teachers teaching and to keep education and health employees on the job from pre-K through post-grad. Despite NYSUT's success as an advocate, education is not immune to job loss triggered by this deep global recession.

Few events are as devastating as losing a job. As a NYSUT member, if you are laid off, your membership in the statewide union will be continued for free. That membership ensures your eligibility to participate in NYSUT Member Benefits and NYSUT Social Services; it entitles you to free legal consultation if you have lost your job, and keeps you at the forefront of union advocacy.

NYSUT is dedicated to providing support, information and resources to help you get through these tough times. Through the online Career Center and companion guide for laid-off and retrenched employees, you will find information about protecting your benefits, your rights in returning to work, and news and resources to help in a job search.

You may be temporarily laid off from work, but you continue as a valued member of your statewide union. NYSUT is here to serve you during this challenging time and into the future.

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