Maintaining Your NYSUT Membership

You maintain your NYSUT membership. For free.

Your membership in your statewide union, New York State United Teachers, continues - at zero state dues - if you are laid off. Delegates to the NYSUT 2009 Representative Assembly unanimously approved a policy that says members experiencing layoff due to events beyond their control remain NYSUT members for at least two years or until you are re-employed in a job that affords you NYSUT membership. That two-year period can be extended by the request of the local union. The policy, proposed by the union's Board of Directors, furthers NYSUT's mission of supporting all members, particularly those in need.

This "zero state dues" policy for laid-off members maintains your continuity of membership and services if you lose your job. It keeps you at the forefront of NYSUT's advocacy efforts, and you can continue to rely on your union for information and resources. As a member in laid-off status, your access to NYSUT Social Services and participation in NYSUT's Member Benefits-endorsed voluntary programs remains active. It also entitles you to free legal consultation if you have lost your job.

Notify your local union president as soon as you are laid off and he or she will make the necessary arrangements for you, including notifying NYSUT of your change of status.

If you currently use payroll deduction to pay for NYSUT Member Benefits-endorsed voluntary programs, you'll receive a letter from program vendors about how to make payments without payroll deduction.

For more detailed information, contact your local union or the NYSUT Member Benefits office toll free at 800-626-8101.

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  • Your Right to be Recalled for Vacancies Your local union can tell you what the law, regulations and your contract may provide in terms of seniority rights - which may affect the order in which layoffs are made - and recall rights - the order in which workers may be recalled to future openings.
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