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For more than 30 years, the NYSUT Education & Learning Trust (ELT), a New York State-based, nonprofit organization, has delivered high quality professional development designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning to advance the career of educators. ELT is now offering the following courses to NEA Academy members.

ELT courses meet the high academic standards of our higher education partners and many of our courses may be used to satisfy degree requirements as well as can be used as electives. 

Click on the courses below for a more in depth description.

Applied Behavior Analysis

  • UNY 807 Adelphi University

Assessment for Student Learning 

  • EDU 678 - The College of Saint Rose

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

  • UNY 812 - Adelphi University

Beginning Reading

  • UNY 717 - Adelphi University

Building Positive Connections with Diverse Families and Communities

  • EDU 661101 - SUNY Empire State College

Bullying: Preventing the Problem

  • EDU 661100 SUNY Empire State College

Cooperative Learning for Students with Special Needs

  • SED 661 The College of Saint Rose

Curricular Assessment and Behavior Management for Students with Disabilities

  • EDUC 516M - Mercy College

Cyberbullying: The New Age of Harassment

  • UNY 809 - Adelphi University

Inclusion: Education for All K-12

  • UNY 729 - Adelphi University

Increasing Middle Level Math

  • EDC 686 - The College of Saint Rose

Integrated Co-Teaching: Strategies Enhancing Student Achievement

  • EDU 661102 - SUNY Empire State College

Introduction to Early Childhood Education: Foundations, Methods and Materials

  • EDUC 513M Mercy College

Math Made Meaningful

  • EDC 663 The College of Saint Rose

Methods & Materials for Students with Disabilities

  • EDUC 503M - Mercy College

Middle Level Education: Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

  • EDC 680 - The College of Saint Rose

Middle Level Education: Foundations for the Middle Years

  • EDC 679 - The College of Saint Rose

Multiple Intelligences: Theory & Practice

  • SED 672 - The College of Saint Rose

Reading Across the Curriculum

  • EDU 661110 SUNY Empire State College

Reading and Writing Across the Content Areas

  • UNY 801 - Adelphi University

Showing Evidence: Teacher Performance and Student Achievement

  • EDU 661103 SUNY Empire State College

Successful Teaching for the Acceptance of Responsibility

  • EDU 691 The College of Saint Rose

Teaching through Learning Channels

  • UNY 825 Adelphi University

The 21st Century Classroom

  • EDU 661109 SUNY Empire State College

The Role of Data, Assessments and Instruction to Raise Student Achievement

  • EDU 661104 SUNY Empire State College

Using RTI for School Improvement

  • EDU 661107 SUNY Empire State College