School Related Professionals: Seminars, Inservice Programs and Courses


The NYSUT Education & Learning Trust is collaborating with colleges across the state to offer undergraduate courses for paraprofessionals. The program allows for a smooth transition toward an associate's degree. The program is designed for:

  • Teaching Assistants seeking New York State certification;
  • Paraprofessionals with instructional duties in schools operating Title I programs; and
  • Those interested in eventually pursuing a degree in teaching.

ELT Seminar Brochure


The Trust is currently partnering with the following New York State colleges:

  • Adelphi University
  • Cazenovia College (Cazenovia)
  • Empire State College
  • Ulster Community College (UCC)

General Requirements

Participation requires a high school diploma or GED. Some colleges may require students to take an English placement test.

Offerings for school-related professionals may be applied to 75-hour professional development requirements!

The NYSUT Education & Learning Trust offers a wide variety of in-service professional development programs and seminars to meet the needs of NYSUT members. ELT in-service programs are typically brought to the membership by a sponsoring agency, such as a NYSUT local, a teacher center, or a district representative. 

The school-related professionals seminars and courses offered through the NYSUT Education & Learning Trust provide an outstanding selection of activities and methods for acquiring new knowledge and developing skills and strategies to use in the classroom and workplace.


Teacher Aides | Teaching Assistants | Paraprofessionals

  • Aim High: A Proactive, Positive Environment for Student Achievement
  • Bully, Bullied or Bystander
  • Classroom Partners: The Team Approach
  • Conflict Management
  • Dealing with Difficult Students in the School Environment - Violence Prevention
  • Increasing Comprehension of ELLs
  • Learning Preferences: Four Styles for Success
  • Managing Student Behavior
  • Math Activities that Work
  • School-Related Professional Communication: Skills for Effective Speaking & Listening
  • Secondary Reading Strategies
  • Skills for Organizing Learning
  • Strategies for Struggling Readers
  • SRP's Impact on Learning Environment
  • The ABC's of Being a Paraprofessional
  • The Art & Craft of Motivation
  • Time Management
  • We are All Intelligent: We Just Learn Differently

Working with Special Needs Students

  • Accommodations and Modification: Understanding and Application to State Tests
  • ADHD Strategies
  • Disability Awareness
  • Supporting Students with Autism
  • The IEP: Supporting Student Instruction

Office "Clerical" Secretarial Staff

  • Bully, Bullied or Bystander
  • Conflict Management
  • Managing Student Behavior
  • P's and Cues: Planning, Prioritizing and PerformingThe School Secretary: First Contact, First Impression

Custodial "Janitorial" Maintenance

  • Dealing with Difficult Students in the School Environment - Violence Prevention
  • Managing Student Behavior

School Transportation

  • Managing Student Behavior
  • Bully, Bullied or Bystander
  • Dealing with Difficult Students in the School Environment - Violence Prevention
  • Conflict Management

Health & Safety (Sponsored by NYS Health Dept.)

  • Dealing with Difficult Students in the School Environment - Violence Prevention
  • Disability Awareness
  • Supporting Students with Autism
  • Addressing Aggressive Students Behavior in Schools

Seminars can be used toward Staff Development, please contact your District to arrange a seminar. To request a seminar, please download the Seminar Request Form (link) and fax to NYSUT ELT, 518-213-6456 or email to


*Course availability may vary.

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