ELT Professional Development for Teachers

New Courses for Teacher Certification

The Education and Learning Trust is pleased to announce that ELT courses have been approved by the State Education Department for specific certification requirements. [Download ELT's certification course list]

The Education & Learning Trust also offers courses that fulfill requirements for an additional certificate or an extension such as Students with Disabilities [course search] or the 5-6/7-9 extension [course search]

All individuals pursuing their first teaching certificate should complete a registered teacher preparation program at an accredited university or college.

  • Click here for more information on teacher certification from State Ed.

The New York State Teaching Standards 

The New York State Teaching Standards were developed to provide a common foundation to improve teaching and learning in New York State. ELT has aligned all teacher seminars and courses to the teaching standards to assist our members in their professional development choices.

New York State Teaching Standards are:

I. Knowledge of Students and Student Learning
II. Knowledge of Content and Instructional Planning
III. Instruction Practice
IV. Learning Environment
V. Assessment for Student Learning
VI. Professional Responsibilities and Collaboration
VII. Professional Growth


For more information, see New York State Teaching Standards as the Foundation for TED.

Master's Degree Partnership Programs

The Education & Learning Trust, in partnership with SUNY Empire State College, offers members a path to earn up to nine graduate credit toward the college's new 36-credit online Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning: Principles of Pedagogy degree.


Official college transcripts are issued by the sponsoring college or university. To request a copy of your transcript, please contact the sponsoring college's registrar's office. Colleges require a written request to release academic transcripts and, except for The College of Saint Rose, require a transcript fee.

Always include contact information on transcript requests in case there is a problem.

Downloadable PDF Forms

Refund Policy

If a course is canceled by the Trust, all paid tuition is 100% refundable.

Participants who withdraw prior to the course start date will be charged a $50 Administrative Fee. Withdraw request must be sent to NYSUT ELT at eltmail@nysutmail.org or fax to (518) 213-6456.

Participants who withdraw at the end of the first class will receive a refund of paid tuition less the $50 Administrative Fee. Withdraw request must be sent to NYSUT ELT at eltmail@nysutmail.org or fax to (518) 213-6456. Participants should also notify instructor of their intent to withdraw from the course.

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For questions about NYSUT's Education & Learning Trust, contact NYSUT via e-mail to ELTmail@nysutmail.org, or call 1-800-528-6208 (213-6000 in the Capital District).

"The NYSUT Education & Learning Trust is a 501c(3) public trust established by NYSUT to provide educational programs, conferences, and research studies on issues related to teaching and learning."