What's at Stake

don't leave out kids out in the coldTell the governor and the Senate: Don’t freeze out our kids!

Stand Up to the Bad News Budget

• The Bad News Budget proposals by the governor and the Senate would put a deep freeze on our kids’ futures and fall painfully short of providing what public schools and colleges need. They shortchange schools by allocating hundreds of million less for K-12 schools than the Assembly Budget. And they ignore the critical need for major investment in SUNY, CUNY and our community colleges.

• The Bad News Budget squanders $800 million on a so-called “freeze” that would reward districts for making even deeper cuts, for increasing class sizes and for laying off teachers and school staff. The Bad News Budget would compound the tax cap’s damage on local schools and would make the crippling tax cap permanent - forever jeopardizing local communities’ ability to invest in their children.

• The Bad News Budget favors the privileged rich at the expense of the public. It would divert millions in state resources to corporations and individual donors to private and charter schools -  favoring private and charter schools at the expense of public schools that serve all kids.

• The Bad News Budget creates a back-door voucher scheme that gives tax breaks to the rich, with $150 million in tax credits to benefit wealthy corporations and advantage private schools and corporate charters.

• The governor and the Senate are choosing their benefactors, hedge funders and financiers over the 97 percent of New York’s children who attend underfunded public schools. At a time when our schools have slashed art, music, foreign languages and other programs, and laid off 30,000 educators, the Bad News Budget is an outrage.

Tell the governor and the Senate: Don’t leave our kids out in the cold - support great public schools for every child!