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May 02, 2011

A parent’s ‘thank you’

Author: NYSUT Communications

It would be great if everyone understood and respected the teaching profession; if all politicians, policy wonks and opinion makers saw public education as the smart investment it is and, instead of trying to tear it down, provided support it deserves.

But that’s not the case, at least not these days. But, take heart: The people who REALLY count do appreciate the work NYSUT members perform every day. Poll after poll shows it. So do the results of school budget votes every may. And, every once in a while, someone will share a personal experience demonstrating that the professions our members practice make a positive difference in the lives of families and communities.

One such example is a letter to the editor that appeared in the Troy Record several months ago. It was written and submitted by Sarah Scardera of Lansingburgh. Here’s Sarah’s letter:

Thank you ‘Burgh schools
I am writing this letter to thank the Lansingburgh School District, Rensselear Park, Knickerbocker Middle School and the Lansingburgh High School.

This is my last year I will be with you: My son graduates this year. I am a single parent and, for all the single parents out there, it is a hard road to travel. It is hard being mom and dad -- trying to be at every track meet, baseball game and every school function (I enjoyed every one of those things).

I couldn’t have done it without every single one of you. I am sorry I can’t name every one of you; the list would go on and on. Without your dedication, all your skills as teachers, my children would never have had a chance. My children’s coaches, dedicating their time every day, weekends included. The principal, guidance, the secretaries in the office, thank you.

For all your hard work, my daughter is now at the College of St. Rose studying language to be a teacher and my son is getting very good offers from colleges he applied to. He will continue his education to be a doctor. I am proud of my children and I am so proud that they attended the Lansingburgh School District.

Once again, thank you for all your support in my children’s and my journey.