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April 29, 2011

Andrea Figueroa

Author: NYSUT Communications
Andrea Figueroa has taught for 10 years in the Jamestown schools and is vice president of the Jamestown Teachers Association. She is a proud graduate of Buffalo public schools and has inspired her students with the love of learning.


Andrea recently shared her story on a statewide radio advertisement, in which she expressed her passion for teaching and for her union.

In a separate commentary, she wrote: “I believe my teachers’ union makes my job a better one. More importantly, I believe it makes public education better.

“My union has made me a better and more knowledgeable teacher. And it fights to make sure our schools have funding.

“My union gives me job security that enables me to fight for the rights of my students and the opportunity to disagree with my administrators without the fear I will lose my job. As an inclusion teacher, I am one of the members of the special education committee that makes life-altering decisions about students. My union protects me what I give an honest opinion when I stand up and fight for students’ rights.”

Hear her story.