Are you ready to 'Take a Look at Teaching'?

take a look at teaching

Are you a college, middle or high school student thinking about your future?

Are you an adult considering a career change?

If you’re searching for future job ideas, or thinking about a career switch, take a look at teaching.

Teaching is a stable and rewarding profession, and with a teacher shortage on the horizon, it’s also an in-demand profession.

The federal government projects that New York’s student enrollment will grow by 2 percent by 2024, with high-need school districts seeing the biggest increases. State education officials estimate that in the next decade, New York will need more than 180,000 new teachers.

After sounding the alarm last year about the looming teacher shortage — which many districts have already begun experiencing — New York State United Teachers launched “Take a Look at Teaching” to help prospective teachers learn more about the profession. If you’re interested in taking the first step toward becoming an educator in New York state, NYSUT is ready to help.

There’s no better time than now to “Take a Look at Teaching."

take a look at teaching


NYSUT — Focused on Solutions

Take a Look at Teaching is a union-led initiative to increase the number of students and career changers entering careers in teaching; improve diversity in the education workforce; elevate the teaching profession by having meaningful, substantive conversations about becoming a teacher and instructional practice; and expand P-12/Higher Ed partnerships to enhance teacher recruitment and support new teachers.

NYSUT, in conjunction with Higher Education and P-12 local unions across New York, is hosting an ongoing series of Take a Look at Teaching summits in urban, rural, and suburban communities across the state aimed at cultivating relationships and exploring creative solutions to the teacher shortage and workforce diversity challenges facing our schools. These events are focused on bringing the right people to the table, speaking with students about their needs and experiences, and changing the narrative about teaching — highlighting the benefits of a rewarding career in education.

New York’s Teacher Shortage

New York is facing a looming teacher shortage that has already emerged in difficult to staff subject areas and high needs districts, both urban and rural.

  • Enrollment in New York State’s teacher education programs has declined by 47% since 2009.
  • NYS Teacher Retirement System projects that 1/3 of New York’s teachers could retire in the next five years. New York State will need 180,000 teachers in the next decade.
  • The US Department of Education has identified 16 teacher shortage areas throughout New York, up from only two recognized shortage areas a decade ago.

Workforce Diversity

The education workforce across the country, as well as in New York State, does not reflect the diversity of our communities and student population.

  • Nationally, 38% of the student population is Hispanic/Latino or African American. That number is expected to increase to 52% by 2020. Only 8% of teachers are Hispanic/Latino and 7% are African American.
  • In New York State, 43% of the students are Hispanic/Latino or African American, compared to 16% of the teacher population.
  • Teachers of color enhance the learning experiences of all students. In particular, they are more likely to see a black or brown student’s potential and recommend him or her for advanced classwork, have higher expectations of their students of color, and act as relatable role models and mentors.


Take a Look at Teaching summits bring together students (middle school, high school, and college), teachers, school-related professionals, higher education professionals, administrators, community members, policy makers, and teacher candidates to discuss the challenges facing the teaching profession and cultivate relationships in the education community.

These events are focused on bringing the right people to the table, speaking with students about their needs and experiences, and engaging in deep, meaningful conversations about becoming a teacher and making a difference in our communities. This initiative, and these summits, have broad appeal to many of our members who are deeply committed to teaching, the future of their professions, and best practices in the classroom.

Join the Conversation

Please consider joining and supporting our initiative in your community. Consider attending an upcoming Take a Look at Teaching summit or hosting a conversation in your region. Help us identify inspiring teachers and promising efforts in your area.

For more information, to join our initiative, or to share stories in your region, please contact Greg McCrea at, 518-213-6000, X6557.

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