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hall of fame

UPDATE: September 22, 2017

NYSUT is part of a broad-based coalition committed to educating New Yorkers about – and, ultimately, defeating – the proposed state constitutional convention that will be on the ballot Nov. 7. The risks are too great to open up that “Pandora’s Box.”

As usual, NYSUT members are among the most active, vocal and articulate citizens working to defeat the proposal. They know that the convention is a “con” being perpetrated on voters. So, while polls show there are still plenty of “pro” ConCon advocates across the state, unionists and like-minded activists are proud to show their “con” ConCon credentials.

And some NYSUT members, through their local unions, are going above and beyond. They have contributed their portion of VOTE/COPE donations – members’ voluntary contributions to NYSUT’s political action fund – back to the statewide union, specifically to fight the proposed constitutional convention. They know what’s at stake.

To honor those locals that are making such a noteworthy financial commitment, we have established a Con ConCon Hall of Fame.

Its inductees are:

  • Hastings Teachers Association - 6/23/17
  • Iroquois Faculty Association - 6/23/17
  • Orchard Park Teachers Association - 6/23/17
  • Starpoint Teachers Association - 6/23/17
  • Newburgh Retired Teachers Chapter - 6/26/17
  • Lewiston Porter United Teachers - 6/27/17
  • East Aurora Faculty Association - 6/27/17
  • Alexander United Teachers Union - 6/27/17
  • Newburgh Teachers Association: Retired Teachers Chapter - 9/22/17

Thank you. We salute you.

Your Turn - Make A Contribution

Your contribution to the No NY Convention Fund will help us get the word out about the risks of a "Politicians' Convention" and ensure that New York doesn't make a terrible mistake in November!

Please visit mac.nysut.org/donate to make a contribution now!