one voice united

Thousands of teachers, parents, students and community members gathered in Albany June 8, 2013, to take a stand for public education.

  • Video

    We have the complete program online, including all the speakers, all the music, and your videos and testimonials.

  • Iannuzzi: SED needs to get it right

    Thousands of parents, teachers, students, union members and community members - as far as the eye can see, from one end of the Empire State Plaza to the other - roared their support for SED to 'get it right.'
  • Photo Gallery

    Were you one of the many caught on camera on the Empire State Plaza? Check out our photos on Flickr and Facebook.

  • VIDEO: 'Stop This 'Madness'

    Albany teacher Jeremy Dudley - a.k.a. "Origin" - highlights the economics of testing in his powerful song. See the video and download the song for free.

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