About the Initiative

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The "Public Higher Education Quality Initiative" calls on New York state to:

  1. Provide increased funding and a real maintenance of effort for SUNY and CUNY four-year campuses that includes mandatory costs (collective bargaining, energy and other inflationary costs).
  2. Provide an increase of $250 per full-time equivalent student to begin to move towards the promise that was made by the state forty years ago to provide 40 percent of operating costs to community colleges.
  3. Reject performance-based funding which would short- change students and has no track-record of success
  4. Create an endowment to restore and rebuild SUNY and CUNY academic departments through the addition of full-time faculty and professional staff, ensuring the quality courses, programs and mentoring students deserve.
  5. Reject the governor's cuts to SUNY hospitals and restore funding back to the 2010-11 level of $128 million. Reject for-profit ownership operation of hospitals, and provide capital funding for comprehensive ambulatory care facilities in Brooklyn.
  6. Reject the 2015-16 Executive Budget assault on teacher preparation programs.
  7. Pass the NY Dream Act and invest strongly in student financial aid and opportunity programs, update and reform the state's Tuition Assistance Program.

Learn more at www.nysut.org/qualityhighered.