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Saturday April 29 2023 11:23 AM

Gross encourages delegates to embrace hope, change

NYSUT Second Vice President Ron Gross saluted the work of outgoing officers Andy Pallotta and Jolene DiBrango and encouraged delegates to embrace hope, positivity and change in a Saturday address at the NYSUT RA. “We can easily fall down a slippery slope if we focus strictly on the negative energy that at times consumes our profession,” said Gross. “We must have hope if we want to see public education, unions and our civilization thrive.”

As inspiration for his union work, Gross cited his grandfather Ronzo who immigrated from Italy at the turn of the 20th century with little money, no language skills and few connections. Despite these difficulties, his decision to come to America never wavered. “What we do now will be the inspiration for those who will be in this hall 50 years from now … when they wonder how they can take on challenges we can’t even dream of today,” said Gross. “I’m confident that our future leaders will take on every foe that wishes us harm with the same guts, tenacity, spirit and drive … because we are a union built by labor whose foundation will not crack.”