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Saturday April 29 2023 10:07 AM

Retirees welcome Pallotta with a serenade

retiree leaders
Florence McCue, at-large ED 51-53 director, and outgoing NYSUT President Andy Pallotta.

Outgoing president Andy Pallotta was welcomed to retiree ranks with a serenade at the RA retiree breakfast on Saturday. Set to the tune of “That’s Amore,” the lyrics of “Andy’s Song” detailed his many accomplishments as a union leader.

“That was so beautiful,” said Pallotta who thanked attendees for their many years of hard work as NYSUT’s daytime army. “I’m joining you, but I will never leave the union.”

Retirees also gave outgoing NYSUT Executive Vice President Jolene DiBrango a compass charm to celebrate her six years of service. “Thank you for this … the union will remain strong because of your work,” she said.

“Retiree Council presidents, I see what you do and thank you for all of your efforts,” said Florence McCue, at-large ED 51-53 director, who led the meeting and welcomed attendees. Also on hand were NYSUT Board members and retiree directors Loretta Donlon, ED 51; Tom Murphy, ED 52; and Joan Perrini, ED 53.

Said NYSUT Second Vice President Ron Gross, whose office handles retiree issues, “I’m so proud to represent the union’s retirees and of the hard work you do.”

J. Phillipe Abraham, NYSUT secretary-treasurer, encouraged retirees to sign up to become implicit bias trainers. NYSUT executive director Melinda Person, the union’s incoming president, pledged to keep NYSUT moving forward. “The country is divided, but our union brings people together,” she said.