NYSUT Communications |
Friday May 03 2024 12:48 PM

Retirees show off their moves

NYSUT members joined together in dance today. A flash mob of 18 retirees hit the exhibition floor to do the Macarena — and to send a message of dynamism and solidarity.

Swinka Richards, NYSUT Program Services Assistant organized the flash mob. “We wanted to show that our retirees are still active and also give in-service members a chance to join in,” said NYSUT Second Vice President Ron Gross. Gross also joined the crew.

Retirees hope that the dance made them more visible to in-service members — and more accessible.

“I just thought it was a thrill to bring attention to the retirees,” said Bev Voos, vice president for Retiree Council 6, and co-chair of the Retiree Advisory Committee. She added that retirees want to improve their relationship with in-service members and offer value to them. “I think this was a way to get in that door,” she said.

“Activities like this make the RA so special,” said Laura Pokorny, RC 17. “We were all helping each other, just like we do in the union.”

“It was a lot of fun,” said Barbara Hafner, RC 18. Hafner, who mostly confines her dancing to her own kitchen, said she and the members had been practicing on their own for weeks, and that it was a joy to finally all come together to show off their moves. The crew, all bedecked in matching Rosie the Riveter T-shirts spun and clapped in unison. “We all got it down pat,” Hafner said with pride.