NYSUT Communications |
Saturday May 04 2024 10:52 AM

Ciffone’s promise: ‘We are just getting started!”

At her first NYSUT Representative Assembly as a NYSUT officer, Executive Vice President Jaime Ciffone warmly greeted delegates Saturday morning.

Ciffone comes from a long family history of labor activists and leaders, and earned applause and cheers when she said she is the first woman labor leader in the family.

An educator for more than two decades, Ciffone said that she has seen the profession evolve and is passionate about ensuring that teachers are given the resources they need in the new classroom landscape.

“Education has changed,” she said. “Frankly, it changed a long time ago. It evolved from when a teacher's main role was to deliver content knowledge to now wearing so many different hats to meet the diverse needs of our learners. It is time for the educational system to catch up.”

Ciffone highlighted the importance of “for educators by educators” professional learning models, the detriments of standardized assessments, the need for multiple pathways to graduation, and why experiential, CTE, and work-based learning opportunities are essential.

“I do not take this responsibility lightly,” she said. “My promise to you … we are just getting started!”