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Saturday May 04 2024 11:21 AM

Sen. Mayer applauds NYSUT advocacy, vows APPR fix

New York State Senator Shelley Mayer, speaking to delegates at the 52nd Representative Assembly in New York City on Saturday, said she is “so very fortunate to be an ally and a friend in the fight” for strong public schools.

Mayer, chair of the Senate Committee on Education, has been instrumental in advancing several NYSUT priorities. She commended NYSUT President Melinda Person, officers and members for their successful advocacy that restored the majority of proposed cuts to school aid that would have devastated districts across the state.

“Did we win everything? No, we never do. Did we fight our damnedest? Yes, we did,” Mayer said.

“Under the leadership of Andrea Stewart Cousins, as our majority leader, we remain committed to public education.”

Mayer pledged to stand by educators and students across the state in the final weeks of the legislative session to finally fix the flawed teacher evaluation system with a new, NYSUT-backed bill that will return evaluations to local control.