NYSUT Communications |
Saturday May 04 2024 5:03 PM

NYSUT celebrates newly organized locals

One year ago, NYSUT pledged to make organizing a priority; and that promise was kept. At the Saturday afternoon session, four leaders of newly formed locals spoke about their organizing journey and thanked the statewide union for its help.

“We are still facing some hurdles — our administration refuses to bargain in good faith — but now with NYSUT … we are able to do something about it,” said Albany Leadership Charter School Union President Peter Keller. “We are fighting for the rights that are now available to us under the law.”

Commack Security Guards Association President Joe Hendrickson spoke of his colleagues’ decision to organize after one of their fellow guards was let go over a minor mistake. “I’m happy to report that we just ratified our first CSGA contract on April 18, 2024.”

Alisha Tenbus, president of the Horseheads Association of Professional Support Staff, and Vice President Emily Richards were formerly part of the Horseheads Support Staff Association, a catchall group that left them feeling voiceless. “We’re ready to move forward as a democratic union that truly represents its members’ best interests.”

Although the Dutchess United Educators isn’t a new bargaining unit, it has been unaffiliated for nearly two decades. “We are very excited that Dutchess UE will now be formally allied with a bigger movement — we look forward to broad support as we press for working conditions that will translate to exemplary student learning conditions,” said local President Laura Murphy.