NYSUT Communications
Saturday April 02 2022 10:55 AM

DiNapoli: 'NYSUT, you are the strongest and the best'

New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli encouraged attendees at the NYSUT RA to continue equipping New York state students with the tools they need to succeed, achieve and change the world, and he assured members he will always stand by their side.

“There’s nothing like the energy and spirit of the NYSUT RA,” said DiNapoli. “You are the strongest and best union of education professionals in the USA, congratulations on your 50th anniversary.”

DiNapoli saluted the many educators throughout his childhood who influenced him, noting that the foundation of New York state’s communities is its public schools. He thanked members for choosing to become public educators and said he, along with other New Yorkers, owe teachers a debt of gratitude for “giving us the tools for a better life.”

He also assured retirees, both present and future, that New York state’s public retirement system is safe, strong and secure — among the best funded in America. DiNapoli noted that in the days following the Russian invasion into Ukraine, the system froze all investments in Russian companies and divested all Russian holdings. “We must do all we can to support the brave people of Ukraine,” he said.

“I’m confident in NYSUT’s future and in labor’s future,” he said noting recent votes by Starbucks and Amazon workers to unionize.

“Working people win when unions are stronger. You and your colleagues must continue to lead the way.”