NYSUT Communications
Friday April 01 2022 6:59 PM

Gov. Kathy Hochul pledges, 'you have a friend in me!'

Declaring the era of disinvestment in New York state education “over,” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul greeted attendees at the 2022 NYSUT Representative Assembly and congratulated them on 50 years of union activism.

“A teacher is the reason I’m here today,” said Hochul noting that Mr. Peter James, her eighth-grade social studies teacher at Hamburg Middle School, opened her eyes to the power of government. “I want every child in New York state to know their potential is unlimited.”

Hochul underscored her commitment to providing much-needed funds for public education in the state budget. She pledged support for $31.3 billion for public education, $1.6 billion for foundation aide, $50 million to boost the teacher workforce and $100 million for school mental health services. She also pledged to strengthen financial aid supports for higher education.

“I have a message to all of you … you have a friend in me,” said Hochul who presented NYSUT President Andy Pallotta with an official state proclamation celebrating the union’s 50 anniversary.

“I represent 20 million New Yorkers and we are so grateful. Together, we will lift up this state — thank you and happy 50th anniversary!”