NYSUT Communications
Saturday April 02 2022 2:00 PM

AG James stands up for justice

“Yeah, I don’t like bullies,” state Attorney General Letitia James told delegates on Saturday afternoon, “and I used my office to take on the most powerful person in the U.S., and the most powerful person in the state of New York.”

Delegates roared in approval.

James’ office sued the Trump administration 70 times and won 75 percent of her cases, she said. She also famously investigated the former governor of New York, who ultimately resigned from office.

“Each and every day, I use the full power of my office to support unions and the rights and wages of working people,” she said.

James thanked delegates from Rochester who have worked with her to seek justice for Daniel Prude, a young man who died at the hands of the police. She worked with labor to win higher wages for home health aides and she’s said labor is key to the pursuit of justice and equity.

“We will never stop standing up for justice and standing up for labor,” she said. “The workers united will never be defeated.”