NYSUT Communications
Saturday April 02 2022 3:13 PM

Delegates offer unanimous support in defense of LGBTQ+ students, educators

Citing the recent wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislative proposals emerging around the country, delegates unanimously approved a special order of business calling for NYSUT to condemn such measures and support efforts to defend the teaching profession and LGBTQ+ educators and students.

The special order, offered by Mitch Klages-Bombich of the United Federation of Teachers, notes the Florida Senate recently passed legislation that would severely curtail classroom instruction about the reality of human sexual and gender diversity. In February, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott directed state agencies to treat gender-affirming care for transgender youth as “child abuse” and required teachers and nurses to report parents who aid their child in receiving such care to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Efforts like these and in other states like Iowa and New Hampshire are “an attempt to indoctrinate young people in anti-LGBTQ+ ideology and conscript educators as enforcers in the effort,” the special order says. They also foster a chilling environment in the classroom that may deter teachers from the profession.

The special order asked NYSUT to urge members to support the state and local organizations fighting these bills like Equality Texas, the Florida chapter of Lambda, as well as labor unions like AFT Texas in defending and supporting local educators. The measure passed unanimously.