NYSUT Communications
Saturday April 02 2022 11:28 AM

Tonko to NYSUT members: 'You personify grace'

U.S. Congressman Paul Tonko thanked members for sparking energy and enthusiasm into the field of education during his NYSUT RA address. “By enabling students to go forth and utilize their skills, you personify grace,” said Tonko who congratulated members on the statewide union’s 50th anniversary.

He noted his commitment to fighting for public education at the federal level and his appreciation for the strong partnership he enjoys with NYSUT. “I fought to get on to the education committee so I could provide a voice for students and teachers,” he said. “We’ve built strong relationships and you’ve showed them that teachers know where it’s at and can get the job done.”

Citing the devastation wrought by the pandemic, Tonko pledged his support for educators as they “play an important role in our recovery,” particularly those who provide mental health services for students continuing to struggle.

“Thank you, you make a difference,” he said. “Together we will build a nation.”