Hispanic Heritage Month

hispanic heritage month

NYSUT celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with an annual poster highlighting the contributions of Hispanic individuals. For a free, downloadable poster visit www.nysut.org/publications.

Thanks to all who took part in NYSUT's online Hispanic Heritage Month celebration of our culture, nuestra herencia, our diversity and our strength in conversation with Latinx leaders! You can review all of the programs on this page, or follow the links below to watch on Facebook or YouTube. Enjoy!

  • Oct. 8: A Charla with Latino Leaders in Education | YouTube | Facebook
  • Oct. 13: A Conversation with Latino Leaders | YouTube | Facebook
  • Oct. 14: NYSUT Latinx Leadership: How do we grow from here? | | YouTube | Facebook
  • Oct. 15: Many Threads, One Fabric: Exploring Privilege with Dr. Peggy McIntosh | RSVP and Share


Thanks to all who took part in our celebration!

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