APPR/Teacher Evaluation
January 22, 2014

TED Summative Evaluation

Source: NYSUT Research and Educational Services

TED Summative EvaluationThis workbook is the second in a series describing TED's four-step evaluation process.

Our first workbook provided an overview of the process, and focused on the first two steps. Here, we describe steps 3 and 4, which involve teachers and evaluators in conducting the Summative Evaluation and crafting a Learning/ Improvement Plan.

The Summative Evaluation ties together evidence of teacher professional practice with evidence of student growth in the composite score which determines the teacher effectiveness rating.

The purpose of a learning plan is to develop individual educators by enhancing knowledge and skills and thus student learning. The teacher and his/her evaluator may consider team-based professional learning opportunities as well as individual learning.

Teachers and evaluators should explore a variety of professional learning opportunities that will impact a teacher's classroom practices and student learning and that are aligned with school/district improvement goals and supported by the district Professional Development Plan (PDP).

About TED

The Teacher Evaluation and Development (TED) system is a comprehensive collection of strategies to ensure that New York's students are taught by highly effective teachers. The system, built through a labor and management partnership, supports teachers through standards-based evaluation processes and professional learning opportunities.