In the Media

Voices in the media are making the case for tenure as a guarantee for due process.

Salon. Oct. 28, 2014
Jeff Bryant: Time magazine is just an embarrassing Internet troll now

Newsday. Oct. 23, 2014.
Erwin Chemerinsky: Teacher tenure: Wrong target Oct. 13, 2014.
'Poster child for tenure': Why teacher Agustin Morales really lost his job Sep. 26, 2014.
The road show blaming teachers for society's ills moves from California to New York

Times Union. Sep. 6, 2014.
Fred LeBrun: LeBrun: Tenure war on teachers rages

Capitol Pressroom. Sep. 3, 2014.
AUDIO: Karen Magee joins Susan Arbetter to discuss NYSUT's motion to intervene in Wright v. New York

AFT. Aug. 22, 2014.
VIDEO: What is Campbell Brown hiding?

Sunday Gazette. Aug. 11, 2014
L.D. Davidson: Tenure: A necessary protection

Aug. 8, 2014
Due Process, Explained

Huffington Post. Aug. 5, 2014
Peter Greene: It's Not the Firing; It's the Threatening

YouTube. Aug. 4, 2014
VIDEO: Teacher Responds to Whoopi's Response on Tenure

Aug. 1, 2014
Bailey Shawley: An Open Letter to Campbell Brown from a Teacher on Leave

WAMC Radio. July 21, 2014.
AUDIO: Karen Magee: Tenure Protects Good Teachers – And Good Teaching

Times Union. July 20, 2014.
Karen Magee: Tenure's protections necessary

Times Union. July 15, 2014
David Sciarra and Billy Easton: Sound education child's right

MSNBC. June 15, 2014.
VIDEO: Taking on teachers by targeting tenure

New York Times. June 12, 2014.
Jesse Rothstein: California Ruling on Teacher Tenure Is Not Whole Picture

New York Times. June 12, 2014
Diane Ravitch: Tenure is a guarantee of due process to prevent capricious firings

New York Times. June 12, 2014.
Brian Jones: Protections of Teacher Tenure Do Not Hurt Students

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