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ABOUT THE INITIATIVE. More than ever before, educators need supportive school environments that create the conditions for students and educators to succeed. The Teaching and Learning Conditions Initiative provides a unique and valuable service to districts in New York State. This initiative consists of two parts: 1) assessing the school district's teaching and learning conditions through a voluntary, anonymous, online survey and; 2) analyzing and utilizing results to inform on-going school improvement planning, processes and policies. Learn more about the initiative.

ABOUT THE SURVEY. The TLCI survey is a tool to document and analyze how educators view their teaching conditions. The data is analyzed to identify implications and impact on the school community. The joint labor/management team(s) uses the data address issues and concerns, establish priorities, and inform decision-making about how best to utilize existing resources to create the conditions that are most beneficial to teacher and student success. Learn more about the survey.

  • Innovations Brief: Teaching and Learning Conditions Matter

    Issue 2 - UPDATED for 2016

    This brief explores new research that provides compelling evidence that teachers who work in schools with positive conditions are more effective at raising student achievement, and helps policymakers better understand the powerful influences the school environment and working conditions have on teachers' effectiveness, their growth and development, and efforts to enhance student learning.

  • White Paper: Teaching and Learning Conditions

    This white paper offers an overview of how teaching and learning conditions impact teacher effectiveness, retention and student learning, and offers recommendations to guide policymakers in establishing a statewide initiative to access and improve the conditions for successful teaching and learning in New York state's public schools.

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