About the Teaching and Learning Conditions Initiative

"Teaching and learning conditions have both direct and indirect effects on student performance. Teachers are effective in meeting the goals of student achievement to the degree that they have the necessary tools, resources and inspiration available to them in their workplace." Harris and Rutledge, 2007.

"Teaching and learning conditions surveys and their results can be used to ensure that all teachers have the opportunity to accelerate their teaching practice and maximize their effectiveness in the classroom." New Teacher Center Policy Brief, 2010.

"The TLCI initiative provides relevant data for teachers and principals to accurately diagnose and address areas of concern while at the same time illuminating all that's going well.  It's a win – win." John Kuryla, President, North Syracuse Education Association.

More than ever before, educators need supportive school environments that create the conditions for students and educators to succeed. The Teaching and Learning Conditions Initiative provides a unique and valuable service to districts in New York State. This initiative consists of two parts: 1) assessing the school district's teaching and learning conditions through a voluntary, anonymous, online survey and; 2) analyzing and utilizing results to inform on-going school improvement planning, processes and policies.

The goal of the TED system is to ensure an effective teacher for every learner. When educators feel valued, are trusted, have time to collaborate and engage in reflective conversations about student learning with their colleagues, and are afforded meaningful professional learning, teaching and learning conditions will improve.

Based on the ground breaking work by the New Teacher Center, a national organization dedicated to supporting the development of a high-quality teaching force, identified the following conditions - Time; Facilities and Resources; Community Support and Involvement; Managing Student Conduct; Teacher Leadership; School Leadership; Professional Learning; and Instructional Practices and Supports and New Teacher Support – that affect the quality of teaching and learning in schools.

Documenting the direct connection among positive working conditions for educators, student achievement, and recruitment and retention of effective teachers is a critical first step in creating the conditions needed for teachers and students to succeed.

NTC created a survey instrument that schools in New York can use to document and analyze the impact these conditions have on schools, teachers and student success.