Guidance for Survey Implementation

Implementation Tools

Guidelines for implementation

Here are some things to keep in mind when using the TLCI survey:

  • The survey must be anonymous
  • Teaching conditions are about schools, not individuals
  • Labor and management should work together to promote the benefits of the survey.
  • Develop a method to ensure that educators take the survey only once
  • Survey results are shared widely with all educators
  • Labor and management agree to use the data for school improvement only
  • Celebrate the conditions that are working and make plans to address those condition that need attention

Getting started in your district

Convene a labor/management team (local union president, teachers, school board members, superintendent, administrators) to discuss whether certain teaching conditions are present in your district and the need to document and analyze the root causes of those conditions. A collaborative effort across district leadership provides opportunities for reflection and the possibility that school improvement efforts are aligned with other district initiatives.

Develop a plan to promote the TLCI survey. Agree on a survey window, generally four weeks long, for educators to take the survey. Conversations need to occur within every school building to secure buy-in from educators about the goals of the initiative. Educators must be convinced that the initiative is not about individuals, but about improving conditions.

Train teams on how to interpret and use the data to create school improvement plans. This initial training is intended to ensure proper use of the survey results.