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tlci survey

TLCI Survey Tool

Principals Survey Tool

Documenting the direct connection among positive working conditions for educators, student achievement, and recruitment and retention of effective teachers is a critical first step in creating the conditions needed for teachers and students to succeed. The New Teacher Center has created a survey instrument - The TLCI Survey Tool - that schools in New York can use to document and analyze the impact these conditions have on schools, teachers and student success. The joint labor/management team uses the collected data to address issues and concerns, establish priorities, and inform decision-making about how best to utilize existing resources to create the conditions that are most beneficial to teacher and student success

Survey Constructs

Examples of TLCI survey items appear below in italics.

Time: Available time to plan, collaborate and provide instruction and eliminating barriers to maximize instructional time during the school day.

  • Teachers have time available to collaborate with colleagues.

Facilities and Resources: Availability of instructional, technology, office, communication, and school resources to teachers.

  • ∙ Teachers have sufficient access to a broad range of professional support personnel.

Community Support and Involvement: Community and parent/guardian communication and influence in the school.

  • ∙ This school does a good job of encouraging parent/guardian involvement.

Managing Student Conduct: Policies and practices to address student conduct issues and ensure a safe school environment.

  • Policies and procedures about student conduct are clearly understood by the faculty.
  • The faculty work in a school environment that is safe.

Teacher Leadership: Teacher involvement in decisions that impact classroom and school practices.

  • Teachers are encouraged to participate in school leadership roles.
  • In this school we take steps to solve problems.

School Leadership: The ability of school leadership to create trusting, supportive environments and address teacher concerns.

  • There is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in this school.
  • Teachers receive feedback that can help them improve teaching.
  • The procedures for teacher evaluation are consistent.

Professional Development: Availability and quality of learning opportunities for educators to enhance their teaching.

  • Sufficient resources are available for professional development in my school
  • Professional development is differentiated to meet the needs of individual teachers.

Instructional Practices and Support: Data and support available to teachers to improve instruction and student learning.

  • State assessment data are available in time to impact instructional practices
  • Teachers have autonomy to make decisions about instructional delivery (i.e. pacing, materials and pedagogy).