How have survey results been used in New York and in other states?

NYSUT Innovation Initiative Team: North Syracuse

"The Teaching and Learning Conditions survey was useful to North Syracuse in several ways.  It was the first time our teachers were asked to complete a formal survey about their working conditions with the intent to learn more about the unique culture, climate, and context of each work site. 

The results of the first survey, by building and district wide, were shared at with each of our building planning teams (shared decision making bodies) and the data used to form building actions/plans as part of the building plan for that year.  To exemplify this further, one of our elementary buildings used the survey data, specifically the lack of collaborative time, to drive a committee to form and ultimately implement a weekly end of day dismissal procedure that now allows for grade level meeting time once a week."

John Kuryla, President
North Syracuse Education Association
Annette Speach, Superintendent
North Syracuse Central School District

NYSUT Innovation Initiative Team: Marlboro

"Our joint labor/ management team made sure everyone in the school received the results of the survey. Central administration and the labor/ management team met together to review the district and school building results together. The building principals met with their teachers in to review and discuss the data and identify the areas that the school should be proud of and areas that needed more attention. For one school building, the data supported the need for increased opportunities for ongoing dialogue between educators and administrators. As a result, one building principal reinstated the former Principal's Advisory Council comprised of staff from the building as a vehicle to address the issues identified in the survey and create a process to address any future issues and concerns related to teaching and working conditions at the school."

Joe Pesavento, President, Marlboro Faculty Association
Robin Hecht, Director of Curriculum and Instruction and AFT Site Coordinator
Marlboro Central School District

Other States

Delaware used their teaching and learning conditions data to inform the revision of state policies on teacher induction and mentoring practices. "We have talked about how many educators we lose over those first few years, and it is way too many," said Murphy. "We lose some of these people because they don't have a positive and strong first-year experience. [W]e are taking a critical look at our induction and mentoring program," Murphy explained, in response to survey data revealing that 40 percent of beginning teachers have never been observed by their mentor and 52 percent have never observed their mentor's classroom, even though new teacher induction is required statewide.

North Carolina survey data documented the need for planning time and more professional development for teachers. The Legislature adopted HB 1151 requiring School Improvement Teams to document a plan to provide planning time for every teacher (goal of 5 hours per week) and a duty-free lunch.