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Dear NYSUT member:

We are pleased to provide this Voter Guide so YOU and your VOTE on Nov. 6 can help guide the state and the nation.

Your VOTE is Our Voice for Our Union and Our Values.

When Republican voters are most enthusiastic, Republicans win elections. When Democrat voters are most enthusiastic, Democrats win elections. But this fall let’s make sure NYSUT voters are most enthusiastic. Then students, educators, health care professionals and New York’s public education system, from pre-K through higher ed, will be the big winners!

Our state and our country are clearly at a crossroads, and the decisions we make this fall will impact what happens from the halls of power in Washington, D.C., to the capitol in Albany and in each and every community in New York. Up and down the ballot, there are candidates who will support students and public education, who will stand with working families, and who will fight for the issues and values that we share. This guide provides the complete list of NYSUT-endorsed candidates. Please take the time to read and consider this information before you cast your ballot Nov. 6.

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Look at our cover. In addition to statewide candidates Tom DiNapoli, comptroller, and Tish James, attorney general, we are proud to feature NYSUT members who are running for office: state Senate hopeful John Mannion; Assembly incumbents Christine Pellegrino and Monica Wallace, and Assembly challengers Patrick Burke and Keith Batman. It is up to each of us to exercise the awesome power of our vote ... and to support those candidates who will support us. Make a plan to vote, and make sure that your friends, family, and colleagues remember to vote, as well.

VOTE Nov. 6 — Our Voice, Our Values, Our Union!

In Solidarity

The NYSUT Officers

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Using an exhaustive, democratic process, NYSUT endorses Republicans and Democrats who share our commitment to public education, health care, retirement security, the right to bargain collectively and a strong middle class.

While this is a “mid-term” election year, much has happened to make this one of the most important elections in recent memory — as important as the last presidential election two years ago. Powerful corporate special interests take every opportunity to strike at unions, public education and public services. They scheme to enrich themselves on the backs of middle-class families.

“We demonstrated the voting strength of the union last fall when we overcame a vast polling deficit to defeat the Constitutional Convention referendum by a percentage of 83 to 17,” said NYSUT President Andy Pallotta. “That caught their attention!

“Now, we must speak out again to oppose the lawmakers who sold out the clean bill to fix teacher evaluations, which stalled in the state Senate last spring, and to support those who share our union values.”

The union communicates its endorsements to all members. Not all of you will agree with them, but the process reflects the opinions of members’ representatives. Candidates seeking NYSUT support first fill out a survey, and members of the Political Action Committee interview them. The PAC submits its recommendations during a threeday endorsement conference where they are reviewed with local leaders in thorough discussions.

Participants review the candidates’ positions, voting records and reputations for accessibility and responsiveness. Once the proposed slate of endorsed candidates is set, it is submitted to the NYSUT Executive Committee for discussion and then to the entire Board of Directors for discussion and final approval.

“It’s a long process, but it is the best way to ensure the endorsed candidates have truly earned our support,” Pallotta said. “We use our union voice to support those who stand for good jobs, public schools, health care and justice.”

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