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nysut officersLetter from the officers

Dear NYSUT member:

We are pleased to provide you with this Voter Guide, so YOU and your VOTE on Nov. 8 can help guide this state and the nation.

With the hectic and historic presidential election dominating the news this year, we don’t need to point out how important this election cycle will be. Your vote will help determine the future of the country’s crucial institutions — in education, in health care, in retirement security, in labor rights and more. The U.S. Supreme Court, and the Constitution itself, hang in the balance.

This guide provides you with the complete list of NYSUT-endorsed candidates as recommended by our local presidents and NYSUT’s Political Action Committee, and approved by the union’s Board of Directors. It explores critical races and gives the rationale for certain endorsements. We hope you take the time to read and consider this information before you cast your ballot on Nov. 8.

NYSUT does not endorse candidates in presidential elections, but the statewide federation heartily supports the endorsements by our national affiliates — the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, as well as the state and national AFL-CIO — of Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton. She is our champion, and has promised to stand with us against ill-advised education “reform,” assaults on health care and anti-labor extremism.

Our union supports candidates for Congress and the state Senate and Assembly who stand up on key issues important to us, our students, our patients and our communities. They have been thoroughly vetted with local union leaders and activists from every corner of the state. These are the candidates who will have our back.

We hope you will seriously consider the information in this guide and, most importantly, VOTE on Nov. 8!

Your vote gives you the power! Use it to shape the future.

In solidarity,

nysut officers 

Union value

NYSUT endorses Republicans and Democrats who share our commitment to public education, health care, retirement security, the right to bargain collectively and a strong middle class.

Clearly, much is at stake on the national and state level. At a time when the richest, most powerful corporate special interests in the nation have joined forces to destroy unions, to privatize public services for their own profit, and to disenfranchise and disempower working people for their own gain, VOTING is our best chance to fight back to defend our rights, our profession and our future.

“Your vote is critical in supporting our endorsed incumbents and challengers who advocate for working families and who fight against policies that would harm students, public schools and colleges, health care workers and organized labor,” said NYSUT Executive Vice President Andy Pallotta.

NYSUT has an obligation to communicate its endorsements to all members. (No endorsements were made in districts not listed.) Not all of you will agree with them, but the process is designed to reflect the opinions of members’ representatives.

The endorsement process starts months before the November elections. Candidates seeking NYSUT’s support are considered carefully. They first fill out a survey and then members of the union’s Political Action Committee interview them. The PAC makes recommendations during a two-day Endorsement Conference where they are reviewed with local leaders in thorough and passionate discussions. Conference attendees review the candidates’ positions, voting records on key areas of interest — such as education, health care and state aid — and their reputation for accessibility and responsiveness to union members.

Once the proposed slate of endorsed candidates is set, it is submitted to the NYSUT Executive Committee for discussion and then to the entire Board of Directors for discussion and final approval.