Key Races

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Key Races: New York State Senate

  • Adrienne Esposito - SD 3


    Adrienne Esposito supports fully funding public schools, giving educators and parents a voice in their children's education and moving away from the overemphasis on standardized testing. Another priority for the Suffolk County resident is to pass the Women's Equality Act.

  • Justin Wagner - SD 40


    Justin Wagner says education professionals should be compensated and treated with the respect they deserve, and lawmakers should work with, not against, teachers in improving, reforming and re-investing in New York's schools. He also supports the public higher education system.

  • Ruth Hassell-Thompson - SD 36


    Well known for her expertise on the needs of minority business owners, Ruth Hassell- Thompson has persuaded members of the public and private sectors to increase economic participation with minority and women-owned businesses.

  • Terry Gipson - SD 41


    Terry Gipson sponsored legislation to remove the for-profit Pearson Corp. from student testing and teacher certifications. He co-sponsored the Women's Equality Act, voted to raise the minimum wage in New York and passed ethics reform legislation to toughen penalties.

  • Cecilia Tkaczyk - SD 46


    Cecilia Tkaczyk fights to ensure rural and small-city school districts receive their fair share in funding. In two years, she has been able to help increase school aid, help small farms and businesses grow and create new jobs and provide more and better services for veterans, seniors and families.

  • James Seward - SD 51


    James L. Seward has been a consistent advocate for education, securing state aid for local districts to offset rising taxes and to support technology and special education initiatives within his schools. He also supported the STAR school tax relief program.

  • Ted O'Brien - SD 55


    Ted O'Brien fought to increase school aid and expand access to pre-K. He has also been a critic of the flawed rollout of the Common Core curriculum, and supported key reforms this year that will curb excessive standardized testing and protect student privacy.

  • Joseph Robach - SD 56


    Joe Robach has been a staunch ally in the fight against mayoral control of Rochester city schools. He helped secure hundreds of millions for school modernization in the city. He has a strong record of supporting public education and our members' rights in the workplace.

  • Marc Panepinto


    Marc Panepinto says moneyed efforts toward privatization remove resources from public education and prioritize certain schools, and certain children, over others. He advocates for living wage laws, an end to corporate tax breaks that kill jobs and stronger worker safety laws.

  • Elaine Altman - SD 61


    A teacher and NYSUT member, Elaine Altman is advocating for greater investment in public services, fair taxes and fair funding for public education. She also supports mandates that enhance teaching and learning over ones that rely on more standardized testing.

Key Races: New York State Assembly

  • Jason Zove - AD 8


    A 2006 graduate of Commack High School, Jason Zove has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hofstra in secondary education, and a master's from Stony Brook University in liberal studies. Zove says the best approach on issues like the Common Core Learning Standards is "to have someone step up from the field and run for public office."

  • Kimberly Jean-Pierre - AD 11


    Director of the Babylon Wyandanch Resource Center, Kimberly Jean-Pierre works with the community coordinating resources for local residents. She oversees projects and services, such as a construction pre-apprenticeship program that provides educational and career opportunities through local unions and contractors.

  • Todd Kaminsky - AD 20


    Running against a pro-voucher candidate, Todd Kaminsky says there is no higher priority than providing high-quality education for our children. The state budget, he says, must include more education funding in order to provide better quality schools and give local tax relief to Long Island residents, who pay some of the highest property taxes in the state.

  • Andrew Falk - AD 94


    Andrew Falk says the needs of the middle class are not being met. Married to a NYSUT member, he is the father of two elementary-age children. Running for a second time, he says elected officials have not been responsive to the challenges of this difficult economy and those challenges must be a priority in Albany.

  • James Skoufis - AD 99


    Earlier this year, James Skoufis introduced a bill, "Tuition-Free NY," to provide free tuition to state residents who wish to attend SUNY or CUNY schools. His rationale for such a program included the continuing rise in SUNY and CUNY tuitions and the corresponding increase in debt accumulated by college graduates.

  • Didi Barrett - AD 106


    A strong advocate for women leadership, Didi Barrett created the Dutchess Girls Collaborative, which supports local girls and young women, and is a founding chairwoman of Girls Inc. of NYC. She has been affiliated with the New York Women's Foundation, Planned Parenthood of NYC, the Women's Campaign Forum and NARAL Pro-Choice New York.

  • Phil Steck - AD 110


    Phil Steck protects the middle class from high taxes and the high costs of education and health care. He supports reforming the Common Core, increasing aid to local schools, and making sure that educational funding goes to the classroom. He also protects public and private pensions and necessary services for senior citizens.

  • Angelo Santabarbara - AD 111


    Angelo Santabarbara worked as an engineer before his election to the state Assembly in 2012. He was elected twice to the Schenectady County Legislature, serving five years. He founded the Santabarbara Scholarship Award, which supports local high school seniors interested in pursuing a degree in engineering.

  • Carrie Woerner - AD 113


    Carrie Woerner says over the next 10 years, New York can grow an economy based on innovation and entrepreneurship. She is committed to ensuring that we are educating our young people to have the skills they will need to succeed whether they want to get a job in high-tech manufacturing or become an entrepreneur.

  • Addie Russell - AD 116


    Addie Russell sponsored the Interstate Compact on Education Opportunities for Military Children, a new law that will ease some of the challenges faced by military families when transferring to new schools. The law also holds down college costs for veterans and provides burial assistance for families of veterans who die from combat injuries.

  • William Magee - AD 121


    Touting a very strong voting record on NYSUT issues, William Magee is a member of the higher education committee. He was first elected to the chamber in 1990, representing AD 111 until 2013. He now represents AD 121. His political experience includes the County Board of Supervisors and supervisor for the Town of Nelson.

  • Albert Stirpe Jr. - AD 127


    Albert Stirpe Jr. voted to increase funding for schools and reform Common Core to help students and teachers reach higher standards. He supported an increase in the minimum wage and fought for full equality for women by passing all 10 points of the Women's Equality Act. He also voted to strengthen penalties against gun violence.

Key Races: U.S. House of Representatives

  • Timothy Bishop - CD 1


    Timothy Bishop is a strong advocate for college access and affordability and supports teacher input in evaluations. He supports expanding family and medical leave. He helped force a vote on the floor of the House to raise the minimum wage.

  • Kathleen Rice - CD 4


    Kathleen Rice, the Nassau County District Attorney, has launched several education initiatives that target the causes of crime. They educate communities and youth about the dangers of drunk driving, heroin and prescription drug abuse, identity theft and Internet crime. She is tough on public corruption.

  • Sean Patrick Maloney - CD 18


    Sean Patrick Maloney is committed to investing in public education, and supports class-size reduction and professional development for educators. He has introduced legislation to promote women-owned business startups. His priorities include the health and financial security of retirees.

  • Aaron Woolf - CD 21


    Running for an open seat in the North Country, Aaron Woolf supports giving rural schools the resources they need to thrive and serve students in the area. He considers support for higher education critical to regional economic development.

  • Martha Robertson - CD 23


    Martha Robertson, chair of the Tompkins County Legislature, is running against a two-term incumbent. She's committed to attracting new good-paying jobs, making sure schools have resources to train the best educated workforce, and protecting Social Security and Medicare.

  • Dan Maffei - CD 24


    Since his election in 2012, Dan Maffei has focused on growing the middle class and bringing good-paying jobs to the area through investment in infrastructure and expanding educational opportunities. He's an ardent supporter of collective bargaining and a protector of Medicare rights.