Get Out the Vote


Make a Call. Make a Difference.

A simple, friendly phone call from YOU could make the difference on November 3rd!

As we enter the home stretch of the 2020 election, we are getting closer and closer to electing a slate of education champions who will work to end economic and racial injustice in New York, who will do whatever it takes to navigate through the Coronavirus pandemic, and who will provide the resources our students and educators need to #FundOurFuture!

But we have work to do.

You can help by volunteering to call your union brothers and sisters and help get out the vote!

Take action

Making personal GOTV phone calls has proven to be one of the most effective ways of getting voters to the polls or to request absentee ballots. Our calls to fellow members could literally mean the margin between winning and losing in every district throughout the state.

That's where you come in.

It really makes a difference to NYSUT members when they hear from a real person, especially one of their own union brothers or sisters. It can be a fun and rewarding experience to talk to fellow members about candidates who will ensure fully funded, quality public schools and colleges.

Take action now at the NYSUT Member Action Center to volunteer to call your fellow NYSUT members on the phone and make sure that they get out to vote!

Making a call can make a difference!

Please volunteer to help today!

In solidarity,

Andrew Pallotta, NYSUT President

Andrew Pallotta
NYSUT President

P.S. Your fellow members want to hear from you! Volunteer to make GOTV calls today!

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