Voting in 2021: What You Need to Know

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In these unprecedented times, voting will present some challenges. It's also arguably more important this year than ever.

Here are some key dates and resources to help you vote this November.



Contact your local board of elections to find out where you can vote early in-person or on Election Day.

EARLY VOTING: October 23 – October 31

For nine days, from October 24 to November 1, registered voters can cast their vote in-person at an early polling site. New Yorkers can still vote in-person on Election Day, November 3, as well.

ELECTION DAY: Tuesday, November 2, 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Due to social distancing and other measures taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, you should expect voting to take longer than it has in the past. Plan in advance and be patient.


Have concerns about voting in person during a pandemic? No worries, you can vote by absentee ballot by checking the box /selecting the option for temporary illness.

In order to vote by mail, you must first apply for an absentee ballot.



Date Deadline Information
October 18 Last day for board of elections to receive an application or letter of application by mail, online portal, email or fax for an absentee ballot.
November 1 Last day to apply IN-PERSON for absentee ballot.
November 2 Last day to postmark ballot. Must be received by the local board of elections no later than Nov. 9th. Military Voter Ballots must be received no later than Nov. 15th.
November 2 Last day to deliver ballot IN-PERSON to the local board of elections or to any poll site in your county.


You can request an absentee ballot online here:

PDF versions are also available to download: English | Spanish.

Applications must be mailed seven days before the election, or hand-delivered to your county board of elections by the day before the election.

You can find a directory of County Boards of Elections here:


Your ballot must be postmarked by Election Day, Nov. 2, and received no later than November 15.

- OR -

Your ballot must be delivered to your local board of elections office by the end of business on Election Day, November 2. Again, you can find a directory of County Boards of Elections here:

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