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This is a living document of historical events you can share on social media and at meetings, which can grow and evolve over time.

It is not meant to be all–inclusive but rather as a frame to start a conversation in your local about recognizing and celebrating women’s history and significant social justice events.

December 2017 Meeting


This HERstory page was created to highlight the strong female leaders in our union, and to empower more women to take on leadership roles in all sorts of ways within their local unions, their communities, and within NYSUT. Please use the stories on the HerStories page as a model and template for featuring the powerful #NYSUTwomen in your local union in your newsletters and publications. We hope you will share some of these stories with us so we may use them on our social media platforms and perhaps even in an upcoming issue of NYSUT United.


Self Care

As stress continues to be a problem for many of us, we would like to share ways to help take care of yourself. One creative way to foster self-care is to establish a Zen Den - a mediation space at home or work. A Zen Den provides you with an opportunity to decompress, destress and recharge within a safe, quiet space created by you or your colleagues. While it may not be feasible to establish a Zen Den at work or home, we hope you can identify some of the items linked below as tools you can use to aid in your relaxation.

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