Health Care Professionals Council (2014-2017)

Health Care Professionals Committee (all members not shown)

"The work of NYSUT Health Care Professionals is vital not only to individuals but to society as a whole, the larger labor movement, and to students across New York State."
- NYSUT Vice President, Paul Pecorale

The NYSUT Health Care Professionals Council advocates for the union’s more than 15,000 health care professionals. The council represents members who are registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, clinical instructors, psychologists, guidance counselors, school counselors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physicians, pharmacists and lab technicians. These professionals are employed in public and private sector schools, hospitals, universities, visiting nurse associations, private practice and residential and day treatment facilities.

The council:

  • Provides a forum for health care members to discuss concerns and challenges faced by the profession and in the workplace.
  • Identifies the information needs of health care members.
  • Identifies professional development needs and recommends ways to address those needs.
  • Sponsors the annual NYSUT Professional Issues Forum on Health Care where health care professionals can strengthen their professional skills, enhance their practice and network with other professionals who perform similar work.
  • Encourages and assists unrepresented health care professionals to organize and affiliate with NYSUT.
  • Identifies and develops proposals to address legislative and/or regulatory issues.

The council participates in legislative hearings and advocates on issues, such as safe patient handling, safe staffing ratios, anti-mandatory overtime for home care nurses, minimum school nurse staffing requirements and opposition to diabetic care administered by non-medical licensed personnel in schools, that are critical to health care professionals and the communities they serve. The council also recommends action and advocates for Congressional legislation, such as nurse staffing levels that would protect patients and nurses.

Council Members by Region


Corinne Tracy


Martha Livingston

New York City:

Mindy Karten-Bornemann

June Feder

Anne Goldman

Cynthia McDaniel

Ellen McTigue

Vanessa Pressley

Howard Sandau

Renee Setteducato

Cora Shillingford

Rosemarie Thompson

Raquel Webb Geddes


David Curry


Teresa Lattuca

David Lawrence

Beth Peters


Kristin Carney

Charles Hines

Catherine Sinclair


Carol Braund

Nancy Liszewski

Ann O’Hara


Kelly Caci

Diana Corzen