September 04, 2019

NYSUT Disaster Relief for Hurricane Dorian

Source:  NYSUT Disaster Relief

A message from NYSUT Secretary Treasurer J. Philippe Abraham:

As Hurricane Dorian makes its way up the east coast expecting to bear down on Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia, NYSUT wants to reassure its members who may be impacted that their union will be there for them in their time of need.

Members who suffer loss or damage can apply for assistance through NYSUTs Disaster Relief Fund.

The union also urges members not directly affected by Dorian to consider donating to the fund to help those in need.

Members helping members: the ultimate display of solidarity.

ABOUT THE FUND. The NYSUT Disaster Relief Fund depends on voluntary donations. Please send a check or make online donations using PayPal via the Make a Donation link on this page. NYSUT assumes 100 percent of the administrative costs associated with the NYSUT Disaster Relief Fund.