February 26, 2021

Virtual Arts Showcase: INSIDE/OUTSIDE: Students of the Arts Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Source:  NYSUT Subject Area Arts Committee
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virtual arts showcase

The NYSUT Subject Area Arts Committee invites educators to participate in a K-12 Virtual 2021 Visual and Performing Arts Showcase for student artists in New York State.

“INSIDE/OUTSIDE: Students of the Arts Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic”

This showcase is open to all the arts: Music, Theater, Dance, Visual and Media Arts.

For more information, contact Joan L. Davidson or Terry McSweeney: Research@nysut.org, or consult the submission guidelines.

Guidelines on Submitting Student Work

  • Work must be uploaded to the following entry form link:
  • All work must include a title and brief description – maximum of 120 words. The descriptions can take the form of prose, a poem, a rap or may include the inspiration for the work or something the student would like to tell us about the work.
  • Student(s) name, grade-level, school district and teacher contact information must be clearly indicated on the entry form. Visual arts must include the material used (i.e., oil, pencils, charcoal, etc.).
  • Work may be done individually or in small groups. Any groups (more than one person) must adhere to CDC social distancing guidelines.
  • Student work will be grouped either by grade range — K-3; 4-6; 7-8; or 9-12 — or ungraded.
  • Appropriate language is expected.
  • Any district permissions are the responsibility of the teacher.
  • All submitted works and statements may be used for publication beyond this exhibition, including, and not limited to, articles for publication and exhibition.

Media Submissions

  • Visual Arts: Maximum of five images per teacher, JPEGs only, cropped to image, straight, no mattes.
  • Performing Arts & Media Arts – Up to 2-minute videos, 10 minutes maximum per teacher.

Videos must be a YouTube or Google Drive link and must be accessible to view.

Due to copyright laws, video clips in the virtual exhibit may be limited to 30 seconds.

Suggested Questions

  1. What do you do differently during COVID-19?
  2. How have your feelings changed during COVID-19?
  3. What makes you feel safe/secure during COVID-19?
  4. What activities do you like doing during COVID-19?
  5. What activities do you least enjoy during COVID-19?
  6. What do you miss doing with family and/or friends during COVID-19?
  7. What/who helps you feel better during COVID-19?
  8. In what ways have people become heroes because of their jobs or actions during COVID-19?
  9. How have you helped your family or friends during COVID-19?
  10. What are ways you view the OUTSIDE world while you are cooped up INSIDE?

Motivational Prompts

WORDS: hobbies, anger, lonely, brave, hugs, sad, cooped up, confused, scared, worried, hurting, suffering, helping, family, laughter, time, safe, escape, solitude, inde- pendence, friends, heroes, memories, wishes, dreams, self-esteem, hopeful, future and identity.

What other words can you, or your students, think of?

Additional Resources

For more information contact: Joan Davidson or Terry McSweeney: research@nysut.org

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