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January 27, 2015


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Technology's cautionary tale

Studies more than 15 years ago first revealed an increase in miscarriages caused by exposure from computer screens, cautioning pregnant women to turn screens off when possible.

A few years ago, a new SONY cellphone came with a small-print notation that in the United Kingdom, children younger than 15 were not permitted to use cellphones.
I stopped teaching online courses after my EMS (electromagnetic sensitivity) was diagnosed.

Thank you, Wendy Hord, for your article, "Wireless technology calls for caution; NYSUT plans webinar" (NYSUT United December 2014/January 2015), and to NYSUT for planning the upcoming webinar.

Teacher-author-workshop leaders Bill Bernhardt and Peter Miller have shown computer technology increases writing fluency and involvement. We can't wish technology away, but help is available — specially designed pads to put under laptops, screens that click onto computer screens, eyeglasses, cases for cellphones and other devices to help absorb or limit electromagnetic frequency.

Technology was in Pandora's box.

Gail Wood Miller | New York City


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