November/December 2020 Issue
October 18, 2020

Get Out the Vote!

Source: NYSUT United
get out the vote

The 2020 General Election will be one of the most influential elections in United States history. The results will determine the future of democracy as well as the values that will dictate our country’s place in the world.

But we need YOUR HELP to ensure union members use their VOTE as their VOICE.

By now union members have received in the mail their copy of the 2020 NYSUT Voter Guide. It lists all the candidates who have been endorsed, after an exhaustive democratic process, by your statewide union — including seven NYSUT members!

Volunteer to Call Fellow NYSUT Members

Visit the NYSUT Member Action Center to volunteer to call your fellow NYSUT members to urge them to vote in the November election! You can make calls from home on your own schedule. Sign up today!


So much is at stake as the most powerful corporate special interests are working, with support in the corridors of power on federal and state levels, to destroy the labor movement, privatize public services for their own profit, and to disenfranchise working people.

YOU CAN HELP fight back to defend our rights, our professions and our future.

YOU CAN HELP turn out voters who support the candidates who support our union’s values and agenda.

WE NEED YOU to help get-out-the-vote, locally, statewide and in regional swing states.

ORGANIZE others to help make phone calls, distribute literature and help people participate in the elections process.


NYSUT has organizers who are ready to help you get involved.

If you are interested in the presidential election, contact Regional Political Organizer Peter Kim:

If you are interested in local and regional races, contact your regional political organizer:

Partner with Pennsylvania and make voting history

The Keystone State holds the key to an electoral college win for the AFT and NEA’s endorsed candidates at the top of the ticket, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. Our national affiliates backed Biden and Harris after more than a year of meeting candidates in focus groups and open meetings.

You can help them win the battleground state across New York’s southern border! NYSUT has opportunities for volunteers to do virtual phone banking and even some in-person actions to get union members to turn out and vote all across Pennsylvania.

“Our advocacy in our neighboring battleground state can be the difference,” said NYSUT President Andy Pallotta. “If Biden wins in Pennsylvania, he has a 96 percent chance of winning the election.”

Contact Regional Political Organizer Peter Kim:, to learn more about this important volunteering opportunity.