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December 12, 2017

P-12 NY State Learning Standards for the Arts

Source: NYSUT Research and Educational Services
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The Regents approved new PreK-12 learning standards for the Arts in mid-September, which emphasize creating, performing, responding, and connecting processes.

NYSED News Release - September 15, 2017

Board of Regents Approves Arts Standards

The Board of Regents this week approved the New York State P-12 Learning Standards for the Arts.

Department staff, in collaboration with various stakeholders in arts education across the state, has engaged in a multi-tier process over several years to develop arts standards (dance, music, theater, visual and media arts).

The standards emphasize four processes common to all art disciplines: 

  • Creating - Students will generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work. 
  • Performing/presenting/producing - Students will analyze, interpret and select artistic work for presentation. 
  • Responding - Students will interpret intent and meaning in artistic work. 
  • Connecting - Students will synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art.

Full implementation of the arts standards will occur in the 2018-19 school year. Department staff will work over the next year to develop professional development for teachers and identify arts education initiatives across the state to build a statewide arts education network that supports teaching and learning in the arts.

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