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resources for laid-off members

Few events are as devastating as losing a job.

As a NYSUT member, if you are laid off, your membership in the statewide union will be continued for two years for free.**

That membership ensures your eligibility to participate in NYSUT Member Benefits and NYSUT Social Services; it entitles you to free legal consultation if you have lost your job; and keeps you at the forefront of union advocacy.

We’ve got your back.

NYSUT will continue to advocate for you.

Resources for Laid-Off NYSUT Members



Laid off members’ dues are waived by NYSUT for two years.**

Legal Services

The NYSUT Member Legal Services Plan through Feldman, Kramer and Monaco waives the participation fee for laid- off members for one year.

Social Services

Members will continue to have access to highly trained NYSUT staff members who are available to discuss your unique situation and concerns.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance requests from NYSUT members for aid and relief are available through the NYSUT Mary Muldoon Fund in extreme situations.

ELT provides research-based, innovative, and collaborative opportunities to enhance professional learning.

  • NYSUT ELT 800-528-6208

    Cambridge Credit Counseling

NYSUT members are eligible to receive free, no-obligation debt and student loan consultations with one of Cambridge’s certified counselors.

** with the possibility of extending this for a total of six years

Because your union fights for you, you’re not alone; you’ve got resources.

Your AFT+ member benefits

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The power of your union in every part of your life

In tough times, the following AFT+ Member Benefits through Union Plus offer tools to help stretch your household budget. In addition members who participate in certain AFT+ benefits may be eligible for direct financial assistance in the event of work interruptions.

For more information and eligibility see

Credit and budget counseling: Nonprofit consumer credit counseling staff can help members prioritize bills and look at their budgets with an eye to stretching existing resources.

Legal program: The basic legal program offers members a free half-hour consultation with an attorney by phone. More complex matters, like bankruptcy, are discounted by 25 percent.

Save My Home hotline: These are consumer credit counselors who are HUD-certified to offer help and advice on how to negotiate with your mortgage lender to avoid foreclosure. The service is absolutely free and confidential.

Free prescription discount card:

Free college: This benefit program is available for members and their families. It offers multiple online associate degree programs and several certificate programs from Eastern Gateway Community College. Applicants must complete a financial aid request as part of their application; however, even if they receive no financial aid, there will be no cost for tuition, fees or e-texts.

Job Loss Benefits Tied to Program Participation: Please see the Union Plus hardship website for eligibility requirements for assistance available to members who use the benefits listed below.

Credit card: Members who have an AFT/Union Plus credit card may be eligible for a $300 job loss grant. In addition, there is a program hotline for members to check eligibility for other hardship payment benefits: 800-551- 2873.

Mortgage: If you have a mortgage through the Union Plus Mortgage Company or if you have a mortgage through one of the previous program providers, you may be eligible to apply for zero interest loans that can make your mortgage payment for up to six months as well as a $1,000 one-time grant.

Personal loan: Members who have a Union Plus personal loan and experience job loss may be eligible for a one-time $300 grant.

For more information:

NEA Member Assistance Program


Receive help if the unexpected happens.

NEA Member Benefits takes its role as a member advocate very seriously. In addition to providing financial, insurance, professional development, travel, and discount programs and services, it is an important part of our mission to assist members in times of need.

Whether members are facing financial challenges such as non- renewals, layoffs or salary cuts, or experiencing devastating losses due to a natural or other major disaster, we have resources available to help. Our Member Assistance Program offers personal assistance, online tools and information and temporary financial accommodations for NEA program participants.*

Learn more at

Job Layoff Assistance

Some of the resources we offer to help members cope with a job loss and secure new employment include:

Job Layoff Checklist: These action items will help you cover your bases and protect yourself financially while searching or preparing for a new job.

Job Search Service: This free placement service helps educators find new teaching and administrative positions and other related jobs.

Learn more about Job Layoff Assistance at

* You must maintain membership in the Association to be eligible.

Personal Assistance for Members

NEA Member Benefits Member Advocacy Center. The Member Advocacy Center is your central source for information about our programs and services.
Representatives are available to assist you six days a week. Call 800-637-4636 or email

NEA Member Benefits Affiliate Relations Affiliate Relations (AR) is a field-based team supporting affiliates and members at the state and local levels. AR Specialists help members access our programs and services, including job layoff and disaster relief assis- tance. Find your state’s AR Specialist at

NEA Member Benefits Website. Find useful articles, financial calculators, tips on saving money and links to financial and insurance programs and consumer discounts, all at

We do our best to coordinate efforts with our program partners and state and local affiliates to achieve the greatest benefit for the members we jointly serve.

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