Resources for Laid Off Members

As a NYSUT member, if you are laid off, your membership in the union will be continued for two years for free.

If you are laid off, contact your local union leader and the school district to make sure they have your updated address, phone, and email.

Few events are as devastating as losing a job. If you are laid off from your job, it's good to know that we've got your back. NYSUT will continue to advocate for you.

Your membership ensures your eligibility to participate in NYSUT Member Benefits and NYSUT Social Services:

Our union also has many resources available to help you navigate this difficult time and return to work prepared.

  • Know Your Rights

    If you are laid off, you have rights. Learn about your rights and know what your district can and cannot do, legally, when it comes to issuing layoffs. Read more.

  • Certification Resources

    How does being laid off affect your certification? What can you do to ensure you remain certified so you are not hindered when finding a new position? Read more.
  • Student Debt Resources

    Many NYSUT members have questions and need help with managing student loan debt. This becomes even more crucial if you are laid off. Read more.
  • Career Center

    The NYSUT Career Center provides access to a wide variety of education-related employment resources and jobs searches. Read more.
  • AFT Resources

    AFT+ Member Benefits through Union Plus offer tools to help stretch your household budget. Members who participate in certain AFT+ benefits may be eligible for direct financial assistance in the event of work interruptions. Read more.
  • NEA Resources

    NEA Member Benefits takes its role as a member advocate very seriously. In addition to providing financial, insurance, professional development, travel, and discount programs and services, it is an important part of our mission to assist members in times of need. Read more.

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